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Kevin Rolland Movies

Manage the brand contents production for the olympic medalist Kevin Rolland.

Since the beginning of his career the freestyle skier Kevin Rolland trusts Feel Expericience to take care of of his craziest projects: movies or events.

At the end of each season, 3 or 4 weeks are focused on the operational management of his content productions. By the years, our field knowledge and a trustful relationship given by its actors, have allowed us to realise exceptional shootings. After picking up the places and the specific needs for each scene, we coordinate all stakeholders: shapers, logistics, riders, local authorities, camera operator, film director…

Teams are extremely beard on during those long days and nights in order to continuously film, accommodating to the weather and organisational restraints.

Several millions of views for these original movies, brand contents nurturing stories with this great champion’s sponsors.

Key data
of views

5 million views is the record number of broadcast of the first installment of Fast Forward on the Facebook platform.


398m above the valley from the roof of the Vanoise Express cabin where Kevin was filmed by helicopter for the movie Ghost Rider.


450 m of LED cables to be buried under the snow to illuminate the parallel slalom of Fast Forward 2.


25 days and nights of shooting and as many editing days for the realization of Fast Forward 2.



« I love working with FEEL Experience for all these years because they understand my projects as a whole, they are an example in terms of field effectiveness. »

Kevin Rolland – Professional Skier, 9 XGames Medals and 1 Olympic Medal


« For my film production companies I always use FEEL Experience team. In the mountains nothing is impossible for them, whatever my demands and sometimes they are farfetched, they have THE solution. Illuminating an entire night canyon, setting fire to a ski slope, or skiing underwater … everything is possible with FEEL. »

Mathias Lopez – Founder Vecom Production


« A great team, audacious and efficient with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating for several years on event formats and original brand content. »

Sandy Alibo – Orange Sport Communication Manager


  • Kevin Rolland


  • MUM Champagne

  • SOSH by Orange

  • VOLK skis

  • La Plagne


  • Number of movies: 3