Project Description


Golden High – High Five Festival 2021 – Award “Best movie of the year”


Operational producers of the high jump world record attempt in quarter-pipe by Kevin Rolland


In 2010, when FEEL Experience was created, we already had this titanic project in mind. In fact, Kevin has had this record in his gut since Simon Dumont set the reference in 2008 at 10.67m.

In 2015, the third edition of SHRED IT, an event initiated by Kévin and organised by FEEL Experience, narrowly missed turning into a record-breaking quarter pipe competition. A sponsor failed us a few months before the event and it was cancelled.

In 2019, the conditions are right: Kevin’s sporting calendar is free of major events, his agents are raising the necessary funding for the project and the organisational skills are available to embark on a world record attempt.

The shape of the module is on the scale of a sporting exploit. The ideal curve was modelled by computer, then cut by a spider shovel connected to a GPS system and finally refined by hand by 10 shapers.

A speed of 100 km/h at the bottom of the curve is necessary to allow Kevin to rise more than 11 m above the coping, or 22 m above the ground.

On 30th April 2019, at 01:05 pm, we went from a technical and sporting achievement to urgent and vital crisis management.

The rescue team and the crisis protocol put in place helped save Kévin’s life. The emergency doctor, the nurse and the ski patrols intervened immediately. The arrival of the PGHM, its organisation and the precision of the team, enabled them to take over until Kevin was evacuated by helicopter.

After 3 days with a life-threatening prognosis, 3 months in hospital and 1 year of re-athletisation, Kévin has proved his RESILIENCE to all.

What a model! Kevin is a talented and determined sportsman, but above all he is an extraordinary man with an unimaginable mental strength.

We will remember that some seconds of life are richer in learning than years of experience.

  • Date : April 2019

  • Place : La Plagne

  • Client : Kevin Rolland

  • Partners : Beats by Dr. Dre & La Plagne

Key figures


of preparation with 3 groomers, a spider shovel and 10 shapers.


 jumps for Kévin to get used to the module during 4 training sessions.


mobilised: 20 in video and photo production, 10 shapers and 10 technical staff.


of compacted snow are needed to build the 11 m high, 25 m wide and 10 m deep pyramid.



“With FEEL Experience it is proximity and efficiency. These are the two words that rule with them. And easy because on top of that they are friends: we can really exchange easily.”

Kevin Rolland – Professional rider

Medical team

“An exceptional organisation, an amazing stress and a happy end.”

Bruno Mary – Corresponding doctor for the Samu


“I was very impressed with the professionalism of FEEL Experience in carrying out the quarter-pipe work with the spider shovel. Highly impressed with the professionalism of FEEL Experience for the work done in advance and I have a great experience with the Leica tool, the 4D system that FEEL Experience provided.”

Yves Vaudey – Spider Shovel Operator