Project Description



Production of an innovative and technical video


With the idea of making a slalom film from a different angle, we came up with an artistic and original project.

We surrounded ourselves with experts to advise us in the research and development of this unusual project. The feasibility and limits of working with flames were studied with the Puy-du-fou fireworks experts, and the textile design office Jonathan & Fletcher developed a fireproof racing ski suit. Our priority was to ensure the skier’s safety without limiting his performance. In the field, an emergency protocol was set up in coordination with the fire brigade.

On the occasion of 2 nights of fire, in La Plagne, the Super Slalom staff met on a track specially prepared. Several tests were necessary until the ideal lighting solution was found. The challenge was to master the parameters of duration and quality of the flame with the constraints: wind, cold and humidity.

A creative production signed by Julien Regnier (Jour Blanc Studio), shooting at night without artificial light was a real challenge. Despite the quality of the cameras, it was a challenge to focus and capture with enough light for an aesthetic image. Coordination between the ground lighting teams and the drone operator required discipline. Finally, many hours of post-production in the studio enhanced the image and sound.

Key figures


of shooting


mobilised among the Super Slalom staff


to make the final video



© Alban Guerry-Suire


Artificer logistics operator

“Seen from the inside, a mess organised like a Swiss watch. I must admit that at the beginning I wondered how we were going to find our way through this slalom!  A bunch of friends, a lot of ideas, a lot of sweat of course and here we are! I’m proud to be part of this project and I can’t wait to join the team for the 2022 edition!

Thibault Marchandet – Super Slalom Staff


“I chose FEEL Experience for the Fire project: I needed a team that was close to the ground, that knew the mountain environment and that was above all reactive to the hazards of filming in the snow. Adding night and fire to the mix… Challenge accepted, challenge met! Thanks to them.

Julien Lizeroux – Athlete


“We needed two nights of testing before we had the right technique for lighting the stakes, as well as a good evening of adjustments to manage the low lighting and the piloting of the drone, which we had difficulty in setting up because of the lack of reference points on the ground

Julien Regnier – Founder at Jour Blanc Studio

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