Project Description



Produce an original video to promote La Plagne as a winter destination


In order to stand out from other tourist destinations following a winter without ski lifts, La Plagne challenged us to create an unusual video. The intention is to share a beautiful moment in a unique setting, which corresponds to the tagline “Unforgettable”.

A 100% local DNA with the presence of dancer Marie Berard. Originally from La Plagne, her passion for dance and the performing arts took her to Paris to train professionally in modern, classical and contemporary dance, as well as acting and singing. It is therefore quite natural that we contacted her, with her partner Geoffrey Ploquin, to imagine a custom-made choreography.

The management of the project was entirely internalized: from the artistic inspiration, through the choreography, the original musical composition, the location of the shooting spot, the creation and transport of the platform, to the delivery of the videos to the client.

  • Date : March 2021

  • Place : La Plagne

  • Client : La Plagne Tourism Office

Key figures


of original musical creation.


adapting the schedule according to the weather conditions.


stage, created and transported to an altitude of 2407m.


of choreographic creation from Paris to the summit.



“On this project FEEL Experience did a great job, first of all scouting, in order to find the most appropriate location for the project. Then, as usual with them: whatever crazy request you may have as a director, they always find a solution! We were able to shoot in superb conditions, facilitated by the team’s top-notch logistics! And on top of that, they managed to put the weather on our side, with a beautiful snowfall the day before the shoot… they’re really good!”

Mathias Lopez – Realisator at Vecom Vidéo


It was a fantastic experience working with FEEL Experience on this project. Thank you to them for the trust, their listening and their availability. I really felt part of the Feel Experience family. I discovered my childhood friends in their activity and they are damn good! They knew how to combine the skills and specialities of each one to give life to this “challenge” project, clearly out of the ordinary. They gave me the chance to realise my dream: to combine my art and my mountain. And what a great atmosphere! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Marie Berard – Dancer / Choreographer


As a composer, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with FEEL Experience and the dancers on this project. Charlie and Mathias had a very clear artistic direction, while giving me a lot of creative freedom. The cinematography, choreography and music influence each other and are completely interdependent in this clip which I hope will inspire viewers to come and recharge their batteries in our mountains!”

Andy Favre – Music composer

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