Project Description

Nordica Dual


Design a Nordica-specific ski test accompanied by a field activation highlighting its products


Nordica Dual is a fun, sporty and friendly event; it’s free and open to all, taking place on a ski area in the heart of the flow of skiers.
The day is divided into two highlights: a “battle” on the slope, where skiers compete in the Nordica Dual, a parallel event including giant and SBX gates. Then, in the evening, it’s time for a rematch at the après-ski, bowling alley and bar.

Ahead of the event, we used 3D software to model a parallel course: a cross between a family fun run and a ski-cross. On site, the day before the event, we accompanied the groomers as they shaped the ephemeral track, specially designed for the tour. During the four days of activation, our team was in charge of securing, laying out and maintaining the course throughout the day, following the numerous customer visits.

In addition, we were responsible for the animation of the start and finish areas, with a speaker. In addition, we were responsible for capturing and creating content for the brand. At the same time, we facilitated the transport and set-up of test skis for the Nordica team.

The first Nordica Dual tour was a great success, and we’ll be writing the rest together…

  • Date : 2 – 5 January 2024

  • Places : Les Arcs and Les Sybelles

  • Client : Nordica



“The Nordica Dual was our first 100% Nordica event, and the results are in: delighted customers and a delighted brand too! We appreciated Feel Expérience’s professionalism, attention to detail and little touch of madness. Thank you to the whole team for a wonderful time!”

Julie Courenq – Marketing manager at Nordica France


“Feel Experience is the assurance of being able to work and talk with people who have an awareness of the field. Of course, there’s everything before and after the event that FEEL can support and coordinate. But let’s not forget that the heart of an event lies at the moment, and you need an operational team and a team in the field to deal with all the unforeseen circumstances that an event can bring.”

Enak Gavaggio  – Athlete at Nordica


“Thanks for this week it was cool, good atmosphere, good team!!!”

Baptiste Chenal – Independent plotter and track maintenance

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