Project Description

TikTok Salomon content creation


Reflection and creation of original TikTok content and brand incarnation for the Salomon account


Salomon’s social media & social influence department asked us to strengthen their presence on TikTok.

In 2023, the Chinese platform will have 1.2 billion active users worldwide, making it an essential channel for any brand wishing to extend its reach…

The objectives were defined:

  • boost the Salomon account, which had already been present for a few months but had until then been fed with content designed for other channels, which was not quite up to the brand’s expectations.
  • To stand out from the competition and create a strong emotional bond with the community, it was imperative to give the brand an authentic face and adopt a proactive approach on a daily basis.

Axelle, in charge of this mission, monitors trends on TikTok on a daily basis and suggests creative ideas that the Salomon account could exploit or react to. Once an idea has been validated, she goes out into the field, whether outdoors or at Salomon’s offices in Annecy, to film the imagined scenes, using filters and playback if necessary. Back at the office, she works on the final editing of the TikTok, takes video screenshots for final validation, and the post is then ready for broadcast, respecting the editorial calendar pre-established by the department.

Over the course of this year-long collaboration, we have created and published over 50 TikToks, successfully achieving our objectives. To discover more content, we invite you to follow the Salomon account on TikTok and stay tuned for our next publications.

  • Date : year 2023 and 2024

  • Places : Annecy Design Center, Salomon Store and outdoor fields

  • Client : Salomon

Key figures


the temperature at which we filmed on the lakeside in our ski gear


with over 10k views


earned on the account in one year of collaboration


on the most viral video, which we produced



“Everything’s going really well, I think you’ve been super efficient and responsive on the subject. No sooner had we met than we started publishing content. I’m also super impressed with Axelle’s acting skills (really!).”

Adrien Marchand – Global head of social media and social influence at Salomon


“I look forward to continuing to work with you next year!”

Sofia Rodriguez  – Social Media Manager at Salomon


“Working with Axelle is great! She has lots of creative ideas and puts a lot of positive energy into what she does. We have a lot of fun filming TikToks together around the ADC :)”

Salomé Mougel –  Social media marketing assistant at Salomon

Some video results

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